Global logistics

  • Warehousing 
    AGP provides import and export warehousing services both bonded and unbonded. The facilities offer services such as, but not limited to, storage, consolidation or deconsolidation, CFS, stuffing and unstuffing, and other valued-added services. The establishment of wide-area Stock Point (SP) services allows AGP to provide important element of sales promotion and distribution activities. 
    To satisfy customers' requirement of modern activities and decision-making support, AGP has developed our own ERP management system which consists of order management, warehousing management, transportation management, EDI module and related sub-systems. Customers have full visibility to obtain cargo movement information, warehouse in/out inventory information and other data under real time basis. AGP is also capable to develop special system for specific customer by our internal IT supporting team.
  • CFS 
    AGP has a long history in handling CFS shipments for our customers. We have earned an estimable reputation in providing buyer's consolidation services such as: sorting by destination of shipping order and product type, put away and storage, receiving inspection, picking and consolidation with wide flexibility of sailing schedule options through our NVOCC services.
  • Transportation & Distribution  
    AGP provides transportation backup and EDI customs application for the integrated logistics service, "door-to-door" one-station city distribution business based on tariff protection/supervising transportation by means of road (FTL or LTL), railway, air-express, shipping (FCL or LCL), and China-Hong Kong transportation, harbor import & export cargoes transportation, distribution transportation, ordinary cargo associated transportation, etc. The business covers districts all over China, Asia and even the USA.
  • Packing Services 
    AGP offers comprehensive packing support to customers to diversify the market and meet promotional strategies. Services such as palletization, shrink-wrapping, labeling, bar-coding, price-tagging, assembling, and pick and pack are all tailor-made for your promotion campaigns and for other localization needs. 
  • VMI 
    Through the VMI provided by AGP, the customers could achieve the objective of reducing overhead by shifting responsibility for managing and replenishing inventory levels. There are some features as follow:

    • Shortening of the supply chain
    • Centralized forecasting
    • Frequent communication of inventory, stock – outs, and planned promotions
    • Electronic Data Interchange linkages facilitate this communication
    • No manufacturer promotion
    • Trucks are filled in prioritized order
    • Relationship with downstream distribution channels
  • Risk Management  
    AGP is equipped with a Liability Insurance with Lloyd for a maximum of US$2.5 million to cover the interest of our customers. We could also arrange General Marine Insurance coverage for all air and ocean consignments at very competitive premiums. 
  • Customs Clearance  
    Through our arrangement, our customers could enjoy trouble-free customs clearance even with complicated customs clearance procedures like China. Our experienced staffs maintain a harmonious relationship with the local customs authority enabling Scanwell to process customs clearance in a fast and efficient manner. 
  • Order Management