Ocean freight


  • Experienced Personnel 
    With our extensive experience and continuous training, AGP's employees are one of the most knowledgeable in the industry. They are more than happy to provide information and support to your needs.
  • Flexible Schedules 
    By contracting with multiple carriers as well as working with all carriers on a daily basis, AGP can accommodate the requirements of virtually any scheduling task. .
  • Fast Transit Times 
    AGP offers multiple sailing schedules per week and a variety of quality carrier options. We are also constantly adding to our ever growing network in order to provide even better service for you in the future.
  • Competitive Pricing 
    As one of the largest OTI's, AGP enjoys leveraged pricing with many carriers. This leverage means you'll get the best value when compared to our competitors.
  • Limited Contracting Liability 
    By using AGP Ocean Services you enjoy Ocean Carrier contracted rates without the "Contract." When market conditions changes, we adjust accordingly so you will always be provided with the best service available.
  • Freight Visibility 
    Our tracking and tracing system follows your shipment in near real time. Critical information about your shipment can be displayed or downloaded, giving you the opportunity to make time sensitive decisions.
  • Electronic Capabilities 
    AGP’s flexible I.T. systems can process almost any type of EDI messages. AGP currently trades information with exporters, importers, carriers, governments and more.
  • Event Driven Systems 
    There are many events in the course of a shipment that can reveal important management information. Using an event driven system gives us the ability to create cycle time reports. Cycle time reporting gives the user the ability to not just manage the freight but also manage all components in the shipment during its course.
  • Project Cargo and Charters 
    Our Ocean Services group offers you our experienced personnel for your freight requirements where special consideration is necessary because of the size and / or weight of the cargo. When it comes to non-containerized freight or vessel charters, Scanwell is moving up the ladder. Our network of worldwide offices and expertise in equipment management provides our customers with worry free shipping from door to door.
  • We Offer a Complete Suite of Services